Dirt-guard systems from the manufacturer. Dirt-guard system "CityTop"

Our advantages:

Own production
CityTop is the major manufacturer of dirt-guard systems in Russia
Quality Standard
The production process meets ISO 9001
Complete range
In our catalog you can find the whole range of dirt-guard systems
Optional services
Measurement, delivery, installation, design of dirt-guard systems

CityTop has produced dirt-guard systems since 2003. Besides manufacturing we also offer services for design, delivery, installation and maintenance of dirt-guard systems. Look at our accomplished projects:

  • Restaurant in Moscow
    Business Center "1 Zhukov", Moscow
    Hypermarket "Ashan", Moscow Proletarian Ave.
    Administrative office "Rostelecom", Moscow
  • Private House, Moscow region
    Sports center "Kimberley Land"
    Hotel "Radisson Blue Belorusskaya" Moscow
    SEC "Metropolis" Moscow
  • SEC "Mega Ufa"
    SEC "Oceania", Moscow
    The building of Moscow Region Government
    Shopping center "Stolitsa" in Solntsevo, Moscow
  • SC "Kashirskiy Dvor", Moscow
    SEC "Riviera", Moscow
    Hotel "Baltschug" in Moscow
    Hypermarket "Carousel" at Moscow ul.Ozernaya
  • Business Center on the Arbat street, Moscow
    The building of the Moscow region Government, Krasnogorsk
    Office CB "Rosenergobank" Moscow
    Genser Infiniti 85th km of the Moscow Ring Road
  • Volvo Car Altufievo
    Shopping center "Oblaka" in Moscow
    Shopping center "Parus" in Moscow
    Smart car dealerships
  • Moscow Cathedral Mosque
    Shopping mall "Zamoskvorechye" in Moscow
    SEC MARI Moscow
    Dealer Salon "Audi Center Altufievo" Moscow"
  • Dealerships Maseratti in Moscow
    Dealerships Motor "Ferrari" Moscow
    Office Trading Company Moscow
    Shop "Tiffany" Moscow
  • Reconstruction of the BMW dealership Moscow
    Dealer center "BMW" Moscow
    Shopping center "IKEA", Ufa
    Auto show "Volkswagen", Moscow
  • The building under construction hotels in Khimki, Moscow region.
    Dealership "Mercedes-Benz", Moscow
    Cottage, Moscow
    SEC "Red Whale" Mytischi, MO
  • Terminal, Domodedovo International Airport, MO
    Private household, Moscow
    Institution of Culture, Moscow
    Shopping center "Food City" Moscow
  • Business center "Luch" Moscow
    Office X5 Retail Group, entrance lobby #1
    Korston Hotel Moscow
    The State Tretyakov Gallery
  • SEC "Mega Teply Stan"
    Biathlon center, Alpin skiing cluster Esto-Sadok village Sochi
    A cottage, private households, Tutayev Yaroslavl Oblast
    "European gymnastic center" Moscow
  • Office center "Atrium City" Moscow
    Office center "Krasnaya Rosa" Moscow
    "Mother and Child" clinic
    Business concern "Bliss"
  • GUM Department Store Moscow
    Cheremushkinskiy market, Moscow
    Private Sector, Barvikha village
    Qigong Center, the Moon and the Sun, Moscow
  • FSIS SRC VB Vector Novosibirsk
    Shopping center Oblaka Moscow
    Shopping center Vesna, Moscow
    SEC Crystal city Moscow
  • Trade and exhibition center Expostroy, Moscow
    SportMaster, Rostov-on-Don
    , .
    Sportline Club, Moscow
  • Sports Complex Arena-Omsk, Omsk
    North Tower, MIBC Moscow City, Moscow
    Uzbek restaurant, Moscow
    Business center, Khimki
  • Office of a construction company, Moscow
    JSCo Electrozavod Moscow
    Mayor's Office in Novosibirsk Novosibirsk
    Furniture Shopping Center "Grand" Khimki
  • Euroset shop on Tverskaya street Moscow
    Euroset shop on Mira street Moscow
    Version Shop, Odintsovo
  • Leroy Merlin, Mytishchi
    Leroy Merlin, Krasnodar
    Premium residential house Moscow
    Government House of the Russian Federation, Moscow
  • V.D.Polenov Art School for children. Moscow
    Hotel Sayani, Moscow
    Swissotel Krasnye Holmy Moscow
    Hypermarket O_Key, Rostov-on-Don
  • Hypermarket O_Key, Krasnodar
    Hypermarket Auchan, Krasnodar
    All-Union Institute of Scientific and Technical Information Moscow
    Office center, St. Petersburg
  • Boutique Office, Moscow
    SMBC (Sumitomo Mitsui Rus Bank), Moscow
    Lotte Hotel, Moscow

All products of the "CityTop" company are certified:

ISO 9001:2008 certificate
Certificate of conformance GOST 23747-88; TOR 5276-001-72158994-2008
Fire safety certificate
Hygiene certificate

"CityTop" runs high-tech manufacturing:

  • More than 2000 m2 of production area
    All products are manufactured in Tula at a modern plant. Dirt-guard systems "CityTop" are adapted to Russian weather conditions.
  • Modern equipment
    We manufacture our dirt-guard systems on the most modern technological equipment produced in Europe
  • Only high-quality materials
    For the production of dirt-guard systems we use only high-quality materials
  • Strong quality control
    "CityTop" manufactures full range of dirt-guard systems. We are responsible for the quality of our products

The concept of a three-level dirt-guard system

Dirt-guard system "CityTop" consists of three functional zones, each made of a stain-resistant carpet of a certain type.

I dirt-guard zone

The main objective of Stage I of shoe cleaning is the removal of large mud, snow, and so on. For this purpose, coarse-meshed carpet of molded rubber strip or modular cover is used. We recommend to use dirt-guard lattices of such types as CITY, VOLNA, RESPECT, TITAN with a wide range of cleaning elements. Carpets can be supplemented with cleaning scrapers or brushes. The working surface of the cleaning scraper is increased, which makes the lattice more secure for women's shoes.

II – dirt-guard zone

In the second stage of the cleaning there are used lattices with rubber, brush and textile inserts. They help to remove the remnants of small dirt and moisture from the shoes.

III – dirt-guard zone

In the third stage there are used carpet dirt-guard cover - shaggy, dust-and moisture-absorbing carpets and rugs. They complete shoe cleaning and protect the main flooring from damage.

The shag of a dirt-guard carpet is 100% polypropylene, sealed in a waterproof rubber base. At customer's option carpets can be framed with a special rubber edging.