During 12 years of its existence, "CityTop" has performed more than 200 complex projects to provide dirt-guard systems for various enterprises.

Object: Restaurant in Moscow
Type product: Doorway lattices City
Object: Business Center "1 Zhukov", Moscow
Type product: Doorway lattices Brite
Object: Private House, Moscow region
Type product: Dirt-guard carpets
Object: Hotel "Radisson Blue Belorusskaya" Moscow
Object: SEC "Metropolis" Moscow
Type product: Doorway lattices Brite
Object: SEC "Oceania", Moscow
Type product: Doorway lattices City
Object: The building of Moscow Region Government
Type product: Doorway lattices City
Object: Shopping center "Stolitsa" in Solntsevo, Moscow
Type product: Doorway lattices City
Object: Hotel "Baltschug" in Moscow
Type product: Doorway lattices City
Object: Business Center on the Arbat street, Moscow
Type product: Anti-slip cover
Object: The building of the Moscow region Government, Krasnogorsk
Type product: Aluminum grating
Object: Genser Infiniti 85th km of the Moscow Ring Road
Object: Volvo Car Altufievo
Object: Shopping center Oblaka Moscow
Object: Shopping center "Parus" in Moscow
Object: Smart car dealerships
Object: Moscow Cathedral Mosque
Object: Shopping mall "Zamoskvorechye" in Moscow
Object: Dealer Salon "Audi Center Altufievo" Moscow"
Object: Dealerships Maseratti in Moscow
Object: Dealerships Motor "Ferrari" Moscow
Object: Office Trading Company Moscow
Object: Shop "Tiffany" Moscow
Object: Reconstruction of the BMW dealership Moscow
Object: Dealer center "BMW" Moscow
Object: Shopping center "IKEA", Ufa
Object: Auto show "Volkswagen", Moscow
Object: The building under construction hotels in Khimki, Moscow region.
Object: Dealership "Mercedes-Benz", Moscow
Object: Cottage, Moscow
Object: SEC "Red Whale" Mytischi, MO
Object: Terminal, Domodedovo International Airport, MO
Object: Private household, Moscow
Object: Institution of Culture, Moscow
Object: Shopping center "Food City" Moscow
Object: Business center "Luch" Moscow
Object: Office X5 Retail Group, entrance lobby #1
Object: Korston Hotel Moscow
Object: The State Tretyakov Gallery
Object: SEC "Mega Teply Stan"
Object: Biathlon center, Alpin skiing cluster Esto-Sadok village Sochi
Object: A cottage, private households, Tutayev Yaroslavl Oblast
Object: "European gymnastic center" Moscow
Object: Office center "Atrium City" Moscow
Object: Office center "Krasnaya Rosa" Moscow
Object: "Mother and Child" clinic
Object: Business concern "Bliss"
Object: GUM Department Store Moscow
Object: Cheremushkinskiy market, Moscow
Object: Private Sector, Barvikha village
Object: Qigong Center, the Moon and the Sun, Moscow
Object: FSIS SRC VB Vector Novosibirsk
Object: Shopping center Oblaka Moscow
Object: Shopping center Vesna, Moscow
Object: SEC Crystal city Moscow
Object: Trade and exhibition center Expostroy, Moscow
Object: SportMaster, Rostov-on-Don
Object: SportMaster, Mytishi
Object: Sportline Club, Moscow
Object: Sports Complex Arena-Omsk, Omsk
Object: North Tower, MIBC Moscow City, Moscow
Object: Uzbek restaurant, Moscow
Object: Business center, Khimki
Object: Office of a construction company, Moscow
Object: JSCo Electrozavod Moscow
Object: Mayor's Office in Novosibirsk Novosibirsk
Object: Furniture Shopping Center "Grand" Khimki
Object: Euroset shop on Tverskaya street Moscow
Object: Euroset shop on Mira street Moscow
Object: Version Shop, Odintsovo
Object: Limousine
Object: Leroy Merlin, Mytishchi
Object: Leroy Merlin, Krasnodar
Object: Premium residential house Moscow
Object: Government House of the Russian Federation, Moscow
Object: V.D.Polenov Art School for children. Moscow
Object: Hotel Sayani, Moscow
Object: Swissotel Krasnye Holmy Moscow
Object: Hypermarket O_Key, Rostov-on-Don
Object: Hypermarket O_Key, Krasnodar
Object: Hypermarket Auchan, Krasnodar
Object: All-Union Institute of Scientific and Technical Information Moscow
Object: Office center, St. Petersburg
Object: Boutique Office, Moscow
Object: SMBC (Sumitomo Mitsui Rus Bank), Moscow
Object: Lotte Hotel, Moscow